Friday, March 20, 2009

Squash Munster League

Last night, i played for UCC in Munster League against Saint Finbarr Squash usual i was seeded 5th out of 5 i dont exactly know where is the match will take place, i asked Ken to pick me up and he drove me and Ronan to St Finbarr..if i ever knew where St Finbarr is i wud have cycled there cause it will only took 5-10minutes for me to get there from home..but anyway thanks to the lad..

I thought St. Finbarr's team would be more or less student or younger people..when the first person appear, i didn't know he'll be playing cause i thought he's old enuff to play squash..then when everybody came then i realized that their first to fourth players are somewhere near 40-50 years old..or may be even older than that..but i didn't feel like ohh..its gonna be easy to beat old people..cause i'm aware the older u are the better ur skill would be..but maybe i could gain advantage of fitness aspect..i thought we cud beat them since we are young, fit and square(tetiba)..haha..

Unfortunately, all 5 of us were beaten badly...i mean really bad..all 5 of us were beaten 0-3..we didnt manage to win even a single set out of 5 the result goes 5-0 to St. Finbarr with a clean(really clean) win..they swept us with nothing to be proud of to bring home...Luckly for me, i played with someone younger, maybe early 30 y/ i didnt feel as bad as others who were beaten badly by 50 y/o uncles..their skill definitely surpass us and their fitness is not bad at all..they played like a young boy, maybe even better..they can move all over the court without breathlessness or any sort of health problem..

i'm really impressed means that they don't just sit around at home gardening, but they did involve in sport activities and they are fit like a horse..Kudoss to those uncles...see u again next year..


Muaz Nabil said...

gempak seh main squash wakil uni. Phewwit. tahniah walaupun kalah. Keep it up. :)

redhuans said...

hahaha..x gempak pun la muazz..aku menempel2 jer dlm team tuh..kehkehkeh