Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Epidemiology :Of Lawaks Lame v Swine Flu

hahaha..amidst the attack of Swine flu accross the whole world, we in 63 are strucked with non other than 'Lawaks Lames'...haha..the show is back everybody..LAMER, FUUNIER & Merrier...Lawak Lame Datang Lagi(baca ngan nada Tora datang Lagi)...haha..and its affecting everyone in 63 weyhss..very dangerous..for now, the symptoms has ceased but no cure has been found to eliminate the disease..even vaccination was found to be impractical in preventing Lawaks Lames...The disease is believed to be aroused from the stress of the final exam..

the taico of the Lames Mr You-know-who has been trying to gain control over the house with Lawak Lames at the frequency of 2 Lawaks Lames in 3 Minutes(study was carried out by observational cohort)..From Epidemiology basic principle, the distribution of the Disease is spreading fast, accross the whole house, spreading to the nearest person living above the Taico's house..It was then classified as Emergency state when the disease spread to the third room with the pink poster at the door..each affected person has been known to deny the allegation of transmitting the disease to the fourth person, the chubbiest of all..(kahakahkah)..It has now become the global disease and prevention is always better than cure..

To prevent the disease from spreading, 63ians has been quarantined untilthe final exam is everyone living close by to 63, please shut ur door off if u ever see any one of them trying to breach thru ur house transmitting the disease..Keep a distance from the affected person by running away as fast as u can if u ever see them near ur area..63 will be put in isolation until the disease has been terminated..For now, the scientist are trying hard to find the cure for the disease belived to involve a mutant strain of genetic gene evolving throug robertsonian translocation on p22-q14...

p/s : Sila extract all the medical, pathological and epidimiological jargons away for better reading..hahaha


lonelysoldierboy said...

aku x trlibat okey...still slamat...hahaha

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

i lyke this entry =)

wany said...

seluruh entry LAME!