Thursday, June 18, 2009

Corkians!No More Free Printing for You

waaaa...sadly to say, the universities had decided to start charging us for are no longer available for free printing....apa lg suma pakar beli printer sendirik this (taken from,77791,en.html)

Change to Print Service

18 Jun 2009

From 1st July 2009, a new Pay Printing System will be in operation in all Open Access Student IT Centres including Libaries. The charge per page will be:

A4 Black & White single sided (simplex): 5c per page
A4 Black & White double sided (duplex): 4c per page

You can top-up your print account balance through the Student Portal using Credit Card, ATM Bank Card with Laser Function, or 3V Card. Step by step information will be available soon along with a detailed FAQ Section.

*** Note to students on campus during the summer ***

We recognise that some students are still studying on campus during the summer months and will need to print as part of their coursework. So between 1st July and 14th August 2009 students on campus can call to the Boole Basement IT Centre to avail of a 100 page free quota. You will need to produce a valid UCC Student ID Card and then you will be given a complimentarty 100 page duplex quota (worth €4). Once your details have been registered please allow 24 hours for your account to be credited with the complimentary 100 page

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