Saturday, June 20, 2009

huargggghhhh Celcom Broadband Sucks

Warghhhhh...i'm so frustrated with this celcom's not because the fact that i'm living far off in this beloved Kuala Nerang that i cud not get proper signal or the signal is intermittently interupted, but because i was being cheated...yes i was being cheated in the day light(kener tipu siang2 hari)

If u go to the celcom broadband registration kioks anywhere or if u see the adverstisments, they'll say it is unlimited i chose the RM98 package with the hope of the speed reaching 3.6Mbps..i know that was rubbish in the first place but still i thought is was the best option compared to 512Kbp of Streamyx..

It was quite good at first cause i wasnt expecting it to be really fast or wutsoever but it is still acceptable and the download speed is better off comapred to ireland iwas enjoying the priviledge of downloading korean dramas with nice speed until today~~~

kuang2x..i opened a mail sent by celcom stating i exceeded the 5Gb usage for the month and now they will cut off the speed where they deem fit..and i was like wut the heck..didn't u say it is UNLIMITED??here's the exact mail

Dear Sir/Ms, you have exceeded the 5GB/ mth usage as per Celcom Broadband policy. We reserve the right to control yr broadband speed when deemed necessary. Thk U. Time: 20/06/2009 05:01:45

So what's up with the 5Gb limits per month??So i search on the net and found some other 'victims' like me...being cheated of the fancy and worldly word of UNLIMITED..bullshit!!!(wahh marah nampak)

If its has limit of 5Gb per month then say so at the first place..what the heck with going around fooling people of UNLIMITED ACCESS..Another bullshit for Celcom..Rite now i'm thinking of suing Celcom for False Advertisment info and Violation of our rights of getting the real information before buying a product..(i knoe i'm paranoid)..wahaha..thinking of reporting it to Persatuan Pengguna..wahaha...mmg marah sakan la nih..

and yg menambahkan hot aku lg skang nih kan, when i search the net, i found out that celcom is planning to increase the limit becoming 10Gb, then i was more than happy to hear that and i was delighted and's the trick.. u'll be charged with additional charge if u wanna avail for the service..and i was like WTF..!!ooopssss..kurang sopan disitu..tukar2...what the tuuuutttt..c'mon laaa...adeyhsss..

tp betul laaa..kalo dah ada limit ckp laa awal2..nih bila tanyer personel yg register tuh ckp xdak limit..tanya 10 kali pun dia ckp tadak limit..balek2 guna ada limit...kalo tgk iklan pun ckp UNLIMITED..UNLIMITED...UNLIMITED..apa kejadahnye sumer ini...ramai org tertipu oleh celcom broadband..apa kess's not that i'm not being grateful or wutsoever it's just that i feel cheated...skang nih nak bukak email pun lembab tahap gaban mengalahkan dialup..rasa cam nak tukar streamyx rugi siot beli portable sticky usb nih..RM290 weyhss..takkan guna bru 2 minggu nak campak dah..adeyhh..lemau otak camnih..kepada saper2 yg bru berhajat nak guna celcom broadband siler lah berfikir semula..kalo nak bawak ker court pun syusyah nak menang nih sbb they must have stated sumwhere in the agreement under rules and regulations yg panjang berjela yang no one bother to read...and now here u are..frustrated and benci sama still aku rasa diperbodohkan oleh celcom yg keparat nih..beware yer sumer..maxis juger ader limit iaitu 3Gb..lg kecik..Digi dah tambah jadik 50Gb kot kalo x silap ker still 5 Gb..camtuh laa..ok pen off...nak menghiburkan hati yg lara with sumthing else..haha


MARIANA said...

kan i dah cakap..skrg u dah rasa ape yg i rasa about celcom....haha..padan muka

citigold78 said...

say NO No NO to celcom broadband... they suck big time. I tried p1.. same.. suck like hell... using maxis broadband now... so so but definately better than celcom n p1. CELCOM sucks