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huuuh..semalam bukak2 folder music tetiba terjumpa lagu2 orchestra that i used to play back then in STAR..terimbau memori lama..wahh cenggitu..kuang2x..lama x dgr lagu2 overture, bila dgr balek terasa windu menusuk kalbu...

I was part of STAR Windorchestra when i was in form 2..but to become part of it, it was a first, as a junior i was assigned to trumpet, but after a few trials i cudn't get to higher notes..syusyah giler men trumpet...then i gave up and ran to join Flute, but tell u what i was hard as well..first time i blew the flute, i cudn't produce any sound out of it..and the seniors asked me to go back and practice with the 'Kilometrico pen's lid'..and then i got back to flute and it came to my surprised, a better sound was produced.. i was so happy that i blew the flute for the whole day until i got dizzy due to lack of oxygen..Dizzyness is a normal sypmtom for beginner..wahahaha..

I still remember the first song i ever played 'nicely' was NEGARAKU and i impressed the seniors..cewayhh..padahal maen 2 tiga notes skali tarik nafas..wahaha..but they thought it was good enuff for beginners and the recruited me to the First Team(meaning main band laa)..ekceli it was a stiffed competition between me and sorang lagik budak comel yg got lost..wahaha...nama dia jud..budak kecik tuh mmg lah teramat kecik..haha..perangai cam teletubbies..hihi..since i hold the title of MR. Competitive kan, i gave my all to grab the chance dan menepikan saingan utama..really i worked hard to get it and i think i deserved it..every time yg free i went to practice and it paid off..wahaha..tyme tuh mmg gila band laa org kata..bangga dan gembira hatiku tidak terkira..when i was form 2 SBP Windorchestra was held is STAR, so a big burden and expectation was placed on us to get Gold and to be in we practiced day and night..hihih..lagunyer ialah Seagate Overture, CINDAI, and Suria(lagu wajib)..we really practiced hard sampai pkul 2@3 pagi kadang2..punya la struggle...

tapi kan, during the prelimenary round, when our turn came, i was very nervous..and when we played the first song, Suria, i was totally out of tune...because u know the temperature does affect the tuning..when u tune dlm suhu bilik and u got it rite then u go to airconditioned room, ur tune change..and i wasnt aware of that..haha....siryesly out of tune, and Cikgu Haswani(conductor) asked me to tune on the spot, on the stage, in front of the audience..malu gilerr...but because i was nervous, i cudnt get the pitch rite, so he asked me to MIMING jer..wahhh..kalah britney spears nyer miming weyh..wahaha..and Lucklily we got to final..and during final since i was really afraid of out of tune, and i dont want to spoil the band, i decided to miming without anybody telly me so..i know it's a shame..even britney spears sing live sometimes..but, wut to do..hihi..and we got GOLD Award for that..thanks to my MIMING, being so helpful to the band..wahaha..

If the practice start and 9.00 u shud be at the practice by 8 to tune..i hate tuning so much because it is tideous..benci gile..when i was junior i was always scolded by the seniors with harsh words yg mencarut2 suma because cudnt get the pitch rite..hello bai..lek aa aku junior lg kot tyme tuh.bukan professional player pun when i was the section leader, i never treated my juniors like that..baek x aku..hihihi..but i know how important tuning and pitching was like the foundation of orchestra..mmg pratice x kkan start selagi pitching suma org x 90% perfect..tau laa kan payah gila tuning nih..bila tiup terlebih angin sket sharp plak, kurang angin flat plak..kalo bibir rapat sgt sharp plak, bibir langgar sgt flat plak..and it goes to every single note kot..sah2 laa payah..

i've devoted my youth to orchestra(what a waste..wahahaha) was a life time experience..walopun orchestra star x segempak mana, still it worth millions..i wudn't have trade it with anything..banyak sgt laa experience kalo nak citer..experinece kener marah lg laa banyak..penah skali, aku jatuhkan Saxaphone(x sengaja kot)..aku kener lecture ngan cikgu Abdul Rahim Omar(ARO), berapa jam entah depan suma org..aku sorang berdiri terpacak and dgr dia berceramah..amik ko..hahaha...tau2 laa kan instrument mahal and bila jatuh mmg rosak kena repair..we dont even have enuff money to replace very old instruments, leave a lone to buy a new one..of cos we dont afford them...kena marah ngan senior tayah cakap aa..ngan gandi slalu, ngan gaylord kadang2, ngan tok wan kadang2 gak...slalu giler kener settle ngan senior sbb senior x puas ati..hihihi..Amir Zaidi cop aku wat Mazhab sendirik pun ada yg dinamakan MAZHAB SHIDOTI..wahaha..aku ajar junior amender ntah silap, so kene cop wat mazhab sendirik yg salah..wahaha..tyme form 5 kener marah ngan Cikgu Azhar sbb tyme final SBP wind orchestra, aku sotaikan my solo part..i play i beat(crochet) ealier than the times and it spoiled the whole band..luckily it wasn't obvious..bila tgk balek rakaman tuh kan...tyme tuh tetiba derang zoom kt muka sorang junior nih..bila aku men salah dia wat muka like ..WTF tyme tgh2 maen tuh..aku teingat sampai skang..nak tergelak gila..turun2 jer stage amek ko kener marah ngan naseb bek dpt 3rd jugak..hihihi..

paperpun, mmg best aa join many good experinces that i want to keep remembering them till i got old, and when i have nothing else to do bila dah tua, i'll open the memories one by one and tell them to my grandkids..hihihi..i missed playing flute so's been 3 years since i last play it..kerinduan teramat sgts..i spend 4 years playing it day and nite, of kos i miss it..when i was form 2 i got the worst flute, and when i was form 5 i got the best flute out of the bunch and i got to play solo for Picollo as well..wahh..even SSP's conductor, Mr EdwindSapa x kenal mamat nih angkat tgn?) praised me for my Solo part with Picollo in March P.Ramlee Medley..and i i'm not sure band mana, soloist picollo dia sought for my advice on how to play picollo and to play the solo part..aku cam mmg bangga abiss aa tyme tuh..hahaha.hihi.bangga sebenterr..padahal x tererrr mana pong..hihi..everytime i played the solo part in any performence, my hands tremble, nervous strucked, and feel like peeing in my pant..haha..sbb band laa aku leh gi merata2 tempat wat performances, depan sultan, depan PM and ramai lg..tyme f2 and f3 banyak gila event luar & mmg heaven aa sbb dpt escape class..wahaha..that's the best part really..

and lagi sbb kan band kitaorg daif, we dont even have enuff uniform for marching..we used to have enuff when i was in f2 and f3 and that was the last time wearing marching uniform sbb senior banyak rembat uniform so x cukup..then everytime went to marching event we wore BML(Baju Melayu Lengkap)..haha..giler apa kawad pakai baju melayu apa kitaorg kesah..gasak jer..kawad merdeka dpt beribu2 jugak menang..hahaha..and tyme f5 ker tetiba cikgu suh marching uniform for stage performance..CRAZY i know..but who cares..we did it our own way..hehehe..i always adores SBP heavy weight orchestras like SAS and STF..and it was a good experience to beat SAS once when we got 3rd and SAS got 4th SAS siryesly gempak and they play very well..that was the best achievement for STARWINDS Orchestra so far and proudly it was in my years and in my lead for my section..

ok sudeyh panjang sgt nih..hihi..

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picollo sains dungun yg mintak khidmat ko klu tak silap aku..
bdak jambu tu kan..haha