Thursday, September 3, 2009


assalamualaikum eberybody..

how's Ramadhan??it's tough here in Cork..hahaha..but getting along well..

owh just nk citer arituh kan aku was my second day here in Cork that i got high fever..of kos not suspected as h1n1...and it's kinda worse fever i think i had..i mean i was soooo fatigue that i could not even get out of bed..all things that i cud do was to sleep..and somewhere in the afternoon i just need to get back and eat stomach is i escape puasa satu hari...waaaa tensi nyer kener ganti posa dah 2 hari dah..sehari tyme musafir arituh..*wink2*...i slept for more than 24 was part of the jet lag as i skipped class for 2 days and missed most of my clinical orientation..of kos i'm not selfish enuff to go to class and spread all the germs that i coughed out during physical examnination on my partner...that rubbish init??(british accent maybe?)..hahaha...

the second day, i had my sahur with panadol and water and had to puasa cause i dont want to ganti2..mmg x feel laa raya nnti posa x penuh..i wonder how women feels for not able to complete their puasa for almost every year???hurmmm..hahaha...second day yg best sgt..dah laa bukak posa lambat gila i was like a small child trying to fast for the first tyme..i was waiting infront of the clock and counting every seconds of it..wishing it to move faster..i't kind of reminisce me of my first experience of puasa penuh..and you fell just like eating everything in the make the time feel faster i watched a few korean dramas..but korean dramas never felt that long..i wonder when i going to finish watching them after feeling it was so long..haha..and klaka nye there's a scene in the drama where they shot somewhere in the waterfall and the water is very blue and delicious.. and i was like gulping my saliva wishing i cud drink all the water in the pool..waterfall never looks tastier than that believe me...hahaha..

you know what 1 thing i learnt that day was i was trying to put my self in a shoe of those who has been starving..even if they were counting the seconds they won't be having time to break their 'fast' and they can't eat their hearts out when the time comes like we's it like counting seconds but not having a time for you to expect it shoud be done counting..what it feels like having had to be hungry and not having a time when you have the hope of getting to eat..owhh poor people..that's why ada hadith nabi yg lebih kurang camnih..setiap sesuatu itu ada zakatnya, dan zakat untuk badan adalah puasa...supaya kita turut rasa camna org len rasa and thus learn a thing or two from it...

The thing about being sick is that you get a feeling of what being sick is like..i was only sick for only a day but my spirit was oready down the drain..cud you imagine those with chronic disease, having constant weakness and irritation..i guess fever teach you a little bit of empathy not to go around the ward feeling annoying by sick patients assuming they all pretend to be sick where as they shud be strong while they are sick..that'a a total bull shit kind of thought i was having before..haha..what a bad doctor i will be..

moga2 sakit itu merupakan kafarah dosa2 lampau yg semakin hari semakin menggunung...huhu

but these few days i was hoping to be sick(fever) for once in life like i had the days before...crazy huh?? feels so good to shut your mind for a while..not having had to think of a thing..i wish i cud just sleep for a day and not having had to think of anything...and waking up they day after smiling for having such a good time...cause thinking make me so much in pain that i wanna run away..but got nowhere to run cause it's part of me...huhuh...'doremon tolong lah bagi alat utk tidor seharian'..puhwease doremon..hahah

p/s : owh forgot to mention, i got bazli infected as well..sorry yer..poor you...

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