Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Break

Assalamualaikum wbt..

We wont be able to keep u updated with our(read=ME) activites because will be travelling around the world untuk mencari cinta...hehe...Last year we went together to italy except for kamil..but this year we chose to be sad...haha..just suma org nk g tempat lain2...Usop went to Greece..bali went to Spain, Kamil went back home to Malaysia(jeles giler ngan kamil)..and fendi and me, we will be going to Munich, Prague, Vienna and Salzburg...mostly we will be back by 19 December or 20th don't miss us too much okayhsss...

Heppi Hollyday Everybody..take this opportunity to relax your mind, find some inner peace, find a girl to get married maybe...and the most important thing is to be F.I.T (Fun In Taqwa)...Have FUNNNNNNNN!!!!

Pray for our safe journey and take care everybody...till later..adios

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