Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doctor's Game

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It's been ages since i'v last updated the blog..Last week was a chaos-mind confusing-adjustment week for me, but Alhamdulillah everything is settled now even i'm eager to know what's more to come into my life...Life is intriguing isn't it??

Today i am back on the hospital again, trying to chase patient for history, but sadly enough my intern told me there is nobody good enough for you to take history because we dont have much patient today..yeahhh, thats 'great'...fuhhh..i mean, i've lost my note book and so all my histories are gone and i have 2 case write up to submit next week..with no patient in the wards, where am i going to crack patients history from..

Ok, leave it there, hopefully tomorrow more patient will come (a bad doctor, wishing patient to be sicked and hospitalized..hahaha)..

Other intern gave me a patient and i went and meet her and she was calling me doctor again and again even i've already mentioned to her i'm just a 3rd med student..lit somehow sounds awkward people calling you doctor..maybe i'm just not ready for that yet..leave alone countless people asking you to sign this and that thinking you are a doctor..that's what happen when you don't ask student to wear White Coat and give them HSE id card, as if they are the real Doctor..but that's not too bad isn't it?we are gonna be doctor a doctor's game is fun now, i guess..

I butt into the A&E out of nowhere just to see what's there and found my SHO in there and follow him to admit patient..huhuhu..A&E is scary because patient came in with severe pain and yet you are eager to take history and do exam on them..if i were the patient, i would curse away all the med students..yeahh...i mean, they are in agony and you are there poking their hands and all, probing answers.with annoying questions...hoohoho..but that is all for their own benefit isn't it??How the future doctors are supposed to be trained if they are not willing to be the 'guinea pig' for us to test and experiment..

The most interesting part of the day is surely Dr Anna..hahaha..she is very nice really..what we really did today was playing Doctor's Game..she brought us meeting patient and introduce us as a doctor to the patient instead of Student..she was saying, you are no longer a Student, you are a Doctor now..and she is Polish anyway...and then, she asked me to drew blood from her just for me to learn..i was like...ARE YOU SERIOUS???No body ever volunteered to be taken blood out of her just for you to learn how to take blood..really i did experiment a lot today..sadly i failed drawing blood from her after two attempt..yes 2..she sacrificed her hand twice just for me to learn to take blood..hohohoh..she is very nice..hopefully i didn't spoiled her hand whatsoever..

That's really my Doctor's Game for the's good pretending to be a doctor once in a while..haha..tired of being Med Student already..

ok that's all folk...hope to write more each day like before..and hope u'll never get bored of my boring-med-student's story..