Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is in the air

Love is like the air,
You can never touch or get a hold of it,
You can never even see it,
The only thing you can do is, to feel it,
To feel when it blows to your heart,
Shivering when it touches your skin,
Love is like the air,
If you try to catch it, it will slip through your fingers,
If you try to let it go, you will suffer,
All you can do is to let it embrace you,
Let it embrace you with mercy
Love is like the air,
It's the only thing that keep you alive and breathing,
Without love, you can never live,
Without love you would not be born,
Love is like the air,
Both are gift from Allah
Love is like the air
p/s : jiwang giler...hahah

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