Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Pernah dengar tak soalan, Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya nih? Mestila pernah kan..teringat iklan Petronas nih..Yasmin Ahmad tanya kepada seorang budak Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya?

When i look back to my life, i'll never really question myself, why do i do this, why do i do that, why do i involve myself in this, why am i suppose to do this and so on so fort..Really i think sometimes or most of the time, we need to really ask ourselves why do i do this. For example, why do i do medicine? Try to ask? U might no find the answer just yet, or u might not know the answer at all. But it's not about you knowing the answer or not , it's the matter of finding it. I've been asking myself, since ages, why do i do medicine..Really i've become clueless. When hard times come, i fell like dropping medicine and do other things..

The thing is i never really try to look for the answer to that question. So i just go with the flow..never really understood why am i doing this.

When we started to ask ourself, then we'll do better in hat we are doing.Why? the reason being is that now you understand why are you doing this. We made so many choices in life, but have we ever try to understand, why we made that choice? Understanding why you have made the chioce will push you forward and propell you to the next level. When we know why we are doing this, that we are certain of that decision, we will march forward regardless how difficult it is.

I've been doing some stuff lately, organising some events and all...When i try to ask myself, why do i do this? Is it merely because i love doing it? Or is it an Order from Allah? or is it just to fill the spare time i'm having? or is it merely a method of escapism from all the problems that lies in me? Or is it just a way to divert myself from all my worries about myself?

I really need to sit and ask myself why, why and why. I need to think and find the answer along the way. For the answer is very important. It make you steadfast in what u are doing, u'll have faith in Allah and urself, not giving up when hard times knocked you down..I'm just afraid, if suddenly things are running differently and not in my favour, will i quit from everything and just leave? If i just leave, it means i really dont understand what am i doing? It really is useless, all the effort that i've put thorugh, just like ashes when i just give up thinking i'm losing the battle..

Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya? Ask yourself..Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya..?


mynameisyuyu said...

em..interesting topic..intentions..

so encik writer of the blog, sebagai mengubati hati encik yang byk sgt soalan tu, let me offer you some soothing words..

as long as the intentions are good, you haf no reasons to quit doing what u're doing..

and as far as ur course is concern, i dun see you as having any bad intentions..

and some people say, if you run you might not be able to see the things around you in great if you walk slowly, you might see the hidden intentions..

so, try not force urself into MAKING one good intention..u'll hurt urself more than you'll know..and if you still couldn't see it, @ least you've given enough time to call it a quit.. :)

hope it helps..

p/s: why i like my house..?because there's love.. :)

redhuans said...

Owh..peringatan yg sangat bagus dari cik yuyu..Jazakillahu khairan jaza'