Thursday, January 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Just would like to write about this one bad behaviour we (me) have about being sympathy. Whenever i walk pass handicapp people with crutches or who seems to look 'abnormal' to me, i surely will take a second look at that person or you will stare at them from the corner of your eyes. Whenever you noticed someone being a bit different, we can't help but to STARE at them like they are alien. Then we feel sympathy for them. Feel pity for them. But the truth is that, we are not being sympathic or far from being empathic, we are actually insulting them with no clear intention and meaning.

When you are in the hospital setting, you will meet with a lot of people passing by you with lot's of differences with what you have and what you described as being normal. I remember a scene from a japanese drama i watched not so long ago in Banting, 1 Litre of Tears (semua tau pun kan). Aya Chan did mention about her uneasiness of people staring at her whenever they passed her, or people taking a second look at her whenever they saw her walking weirdly.

This happens in our everyday life when we passed someone at the market, shopping mall or by the corridor. We tend to have a look at them, and worse something that we don't realize is that how is our facial gesture and reaction the moment we look at them. It can be very very very insulting.

Yes, they are special people, they are handicap in a way they never ask for it in the first place. Why are we just being so cruel, to treat them as abnormal when the fact is that they already know it, they know that they are somewhat a bit different from others. They certainly don't need others confirmation by staring or having a second look at them. Imagine if you are in that spot. Every eyes were on you whenever you pass the people in the crowd. How annoying, sad, and frustrated is that.

So, i'm telling myself now. STOP HAVING A SECOND LOOK OR STARING FROM THE CORNER OF YOUR EYES when you pass someone special. Just pretend you see nothing. You'll honour them by doing that, because they don't need your cheap sympathy on your eyes and face.


p/s : Later laa ye tulis pasal PUISI yang MANTOPPPP!!!hehe..

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