Friday, May 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt.

*Berani dia esok exam Psych tgh malam update blog. Tak boleh tunggu esok ker?*

Hehe..Esok nk exam psych essay. Hari nih dah exam MCQ (no comment la MCQ nih)..

Saya kononnye bercita2 nk jadik Psychiatrist..cewah..tapi nk exam psych nih mcm malas nk baca buku, and boring nk baca buku psych. Kalo kita minat satu2 subjek tuh, mesti laa kita nk tau lebih dan excited nk study exra for that subject naper cam aku x excited jer nk study psych nih..hoho..berfikir semula nak jadik psychiatrist ker x..hahaha..

Mungkin, suka nk jadi psychiatrist t x suka nk study utk jawab essay kot..kehkeh..

Suka comment2 Dr Mas kt Facebook. Lepas baca semangat balek nk jadik psychiatrist..kehkeh..poyo sungguh..

" When you hear true stories of personal tragedies and sufferings everyday you are reminded of all the remarkable blessings you have been given all your life. Everyday we are reminded of the harm that comes with alcohol and drugs. We strive to be useful to others by looking for solutions to ease the suffering of individuals and families. depression is already the most disabling illness, and in 10 years will be 2nd leading contributor to the global burden of disease. Everyday i get to give good advice to people, reminding myself in the process. All the best 4th years! "

Nape tatau beriya sangat nk jadik psychiatrist..haha..nnti2 laa aku fikir semula naper nk jadik psychiatrist....

Ok..sambung baca notess..

*sebenarnye tgh menggelabah nih takut esok x leh jawab*

Allahu mustaa'an~~

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