Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Quest for Meaning

Assalamualaikum wbt,

After 2 years of doing International Baccalaureate, almost 5 years of doing Medicine and yet just less than 2 months to go before finishing, i wonder why I chose to do medicine in the first place.

My facebook status of tonight.

Tersenyum sendiri je sebab dulu setiap kali exam pun mengeluarkan statement bernada sama. Stress baca buku la tuh gamaknya. Padahal tak banyak mana pun baca. Hehe. Dari first year lagi bila stress study pastuh akan terpikir kenapa la aku ambik medicine nih.

Well~ i think it was a childish thought back then. The only think in mind was to study abroad. Fullstop. Tak kira la course apa pun janji dapat pergi oversea.

But then again, thinking back, even though it was childish and immature, there must be a reason why Allah put me in this path i'm walking. Kalau tak buat Medicine tak dapat la jumpa Siti Samihah isteri tercinta..hehe..

Tinggal tak sampai 2 bulan je lagi before final exam. Not to say exhausted, but tired of the endless exam throughout the year. But i shouldn't have complaint because that's the external force needed for me to continuously study this year.

Apepun Alhamdulillah. I may not fully understand yet why i'm here doing medicine, but insyaallah, as time goes by, i search for the meaning.

Can't wait for May to come. Double role transition.. :) From student to a doctor (insyaallah), from husband to father (insyaallah). It's a big transition at a time, hopefully i can manage well insyaallah.

Towards the end nih, momentum pun dah makin slow, mungkin sbb sudah keletihan. Letih ke? The end is almost here, need to gain back all the momentum for the last blow, insyaallah.

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addy+lynn=adlin said...

salam, saudara. saya adlin, saya nak tanya saudara tentang khemah rumah sukan yang saudara post pada 2009. boleh saya contact saudara?