Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adios Espanol~~

And finally that was it for spanish...yeayyyy...the exam was OKAYYY i guesss...hihih..despite me taking it for granted, i still wanna get good grades for it.. thinking back...i only skipped spanish classes only 2 timess...hihihi...what a great achievement for me..that was the least for any subject so far..i didnt skipped not even a single class during the winter term, and when my first exam's result was just so so, it was quite a blow..kahkah.then i skipped 2 classes just for the sake of skipping...wahahah..kehkekeh..eventhough i'm not crazy about spanish so much, but being in spanish class it seems like the time flew by really fast and sudden2 the 2 hours session flew just like that...the class was maybe the least troblesome and the most relaxing, not having to pay much attention trying to grasps all the jargons of medicine..hahaha...eventhough it was 2 hourss but it dosent feel like it..i don't know why..??

There were some sweet memories being in spanish class..hihih..first of course our beloved teacher..kehkehkeh..even though bazli and me was scolded by her for not being serious enuff in spanishh class, but it was all so fun and interesting..kehkeh..she's a good teacher actually, being able to put up my my nasty behaviour, laughing all the time, didnt finish her homework, and always talking and talking in her class...hahah..sorry profesora...

and the best part of it is, how everyone;s name sudden2 became so wierd..because the malay names are difficult to pronouce, she was really having a hard time pronouncing and remembering our name..haha..

The wierdest name ever called by spanish teacher goes to....jengjengjeng...

1. Hidayah---->ROSA...(awwww akan ku igt nama ini smpi bila2..i like calling dayah Rosa..schweeett..kahkahkah)
2. Tengku----->TENGO(meaning i have in spanish..nih mmg x leh blah..haha)
3. Shazwany---->ZAZWANY..
4. Shazwany (again)---->Juanita(that is wany's spanish name..glam giler kan kawan2..kahkah)
5. Bazli----->MAZLI..(isnt it an obvious different between B and M..i know someone confusing M with N but never B with M..hurmmm)
6. Faimee----> FAYMEE

and of course my name wasnt in the list at all cause she'd never got it right..not even once..sometimes she called me ABDUL with weird pronounciation, sometimes, MUIN also sounds really funny..she never called me MOHD cause i bet she dont have a clue at all how to pronounce it..and whenever she asked me what my name is, i always said REDHUAN..but she never got it..and in the next xlass she will asked my name again..again and again...hahaha..and at last i gave me whateva u want my dear profesora..hahaha..


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