Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am strongly opposed and having different opinion in the matter of buying products from companies who had stopped supporting Israel and claimed that they had withdrew their connection with Isreal such as Nestle...I still believe that the boycott need to be persisted regardless of the claim having withdraw the support for are my reasons:

1. First we have to remember, because of their support to Israel, Muslim's condition is what it is today. Remember my friends what Israel had done to the Islamic Countries such as Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. The Israel also responsible for the deceased Turkey Uthmaniah Caliph reign in Turkey. The Israel were behind Kamal Attartuk in his Course of demolishing ISLAM. Without the support of Nestle and other companies whose now withdrew their support, the thing listed above wouldn't have happened, rite? the attack on Muslim by Israel would not be possible if it werent because of Nestle and other companies.Why would we be supporting those who had ruined us??Does that make any sense to you?

2. I am also very suspicious about the act of withdrawing the support from Israel. For me this is merely a strategy. After the economic downturn and the massacre of GAZA last January, Nestle had loss major market due to the boycott launch by various Palestine Activist organizations. The major economic crisis affecting the purchasing power of the people also leave them no option rather than quitting their support on Israel. This had a huge impact on the company. Therefore, to reinstate their position in the market, they had to be viewed as a company with neutral stand and ethically right in their moral decisions. It is clear that, it is merely a tactic to regain the control over the market and to attract people to still continue buying their products and i believe they had successfully fooled us with their tactics. People would think it is okay now to support and buy their products without realizing the fact that we have been fooled. THAT WAS JUST AN ACT TRYING TO REGAIN CONTROL OVER THE MARKET.

3. Besides, we never knew when these companies will re-established their connection with Israel again in the future. Maybe next year, next 5 years and maybe next 10 years. Who knows. They will surely continue their support once the economic condition is stabilized and when their financial status is more stable. And when that happened, we, the MUSLIM will be seen as the dumbest people ever for falling into the trap of the enemies just like that. If we support Nestle and continue buying their products, we are actually helping them to be more stable so that in the future they are able to cause more destructions on the Muslims. We are the one who helped them becoming stronger and stronger and in the end we are the one who are the main target to be completely vanished and weakened. Why dont we grabbed this opportunity to terminate them and to paralyze their financial stability once and for all. Dont fall into the trap of ISRAEL LAKNATULLAH and continue to boycott those companies who had established their connection with Israel even though they claimed they already stopped the act.

4. Besides, it is very argueable and very doubtful the extend of which the companies had withdrew their support. If we believe they had completely stop their course of supporting Israel solely based on their claim, i dont think we are wise enough to see what they have been planing behind us. Of Course, we cant expect them to completely withdraw their support to Israel when the company is controlled by the jewish taicoons in bussiness. How come we are so sure they had completely withdrew their support when their main shareholders and investors are the jews..?How come we are so sure they had withdrew their support to Israel when the world's bussiness trade market is monopolized by the jews??


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