Thursday, April 30, 2009

My g'LoVe..

My Loveliest g'LoVe

This is my g'LoVe that i love the most(i have only 1 glove LoL)...i've been using the glove for almost 2 years now...that was the first glove i've ever bought..and of kos i bought it in Malaysia, in Penang..hihi..

after two years, it is already worn out and old due to overuse..i wore it almost like everyday because it's cold in here...

i still remember of wearing it, when i first came to Cork, i was wearing it in autumn and people were asking me bout wearing glove in autumn...hihi..

the glove kept me warm all the time..good job!!!

the glove is just like us...he had contributed his best to me all this while until he was worn out..even so, he was loved by me..i never thought of throwing it away cause i know he's been doing good job till now, even he looks old..hihi

the moral of the story is if we contribute enough with all effort for our religion and country, we will definitely be loved by others even when the time comes, when we no longer able to give any contribution..people will love us knowing what we have done, even ALLAH will LoVe us the most for we had contribute to the Glory of Islam, even the effort is minor compared to ALLAH's Grace, Mercy and Might...and in the Hereafter we shall be rewarded with Jannah..aminnnnnn...(poyo giler pengajaran)..maka marilah berbakti kepada agama, bangsa dan negara..


Faiz Rev said...

don't forget to post ur brand new gloves pics

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