Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bomb = Terrorisme

Assalamualaikum's been quite a while since i last wrote anything in here..since Mr. Guest asked wether we care to comment about the bombing of Marriot and Ritz hotel in jakarta last week, so there's a point to write..but it holds me for a while to get my thought aligned...

It is believe to be done by Jemaah Islamiyah but there isnt any definite proof to convict the involvement of the party..Even Manchaster United cancelled it's friendship tournment with Indonesia for that particular reason...but Anugerah Planet Muzik, which was held the day after was carried on as planned...

The thing about bombing in Jakarta really leave me blurrrr.... i mean i dont really understand is there a need for let say Jemaah Islamiyah to do that..?Amidst the labelling of Terrorisme which stick strongly on Muslim, here we are having to had to face with such 'Fitnah Kubra' of the century...the mother of all lies being that Islam promotes Terrorisme...why is that just have to take a look at what the name of JEMAAH ISLAMIYAH implies..a so called islamic organisation going around explode themselves and kill others..and whoever sees it surely believe owh islam does promotes violence and killing..

I would not have any problem with Palestinian Intifada, as they have no other option..Palestinians resort only to kill back those who have been killing their children, wives and parents..that is no Terrorisme..that is Self-Defense obviously..would you just stand back and watch, while Israelis Troop breached into your house and kill your children? Of COurse you will retaliate..and one way of retaliating is to killed back..that is no TERROR at all..those Israelis are Terrorist..Muslim may understand this very well and Non-Muslim may not..why??because there you go..Let say Jemaah Islamiyah bombing innocent people in a hotel..of Course they see it as terrorisme..and what worse, they have been blinded with the preoccupied mind that Islam is terrorist which blinded their judgment to see who is wright and who's wrong regarding Palestinian issue..Pity Palestinian for having had to be blamed for protecting their home, for having to be called terrorist for protecting their children..for having to shoulder all the Fitnah to the muslim..just because the so called Islamic Organisation in other countries going around bombing innocent people..

Personally, i dont agree with whoever that did the bombing, even if you call yourself a Islamic Organisation..if you have a verry good reason and a very good dalil supporting your act, i'll accept..but, for me, what happened just bring shame to the Muslim..the media propaganda, labelling accusing Jemaah Islamiyah and all that really put Islam in Dark situation...i've read an entry in regarding not wearing kopiah while driving, cause afraid of bringing fitnah to those wearing kopiah if he ever break the traffic, its the same i are calling youself an islamic group but you only bring firnah to islam with what you what the point..are you trying to rise islam on earth or you are tryimg to simk it deeper?

Indonesia for me is not in the state where, you are eligable to go around killing Non-Muslim because they does not oblige to ONE GOD...Rasulullah never do such thing.. He even allowed the Non-Muslim to stay healthily in Madinah..

Maybe there is islamic organisation out there believe that Islam will only be on top of the world only through war... i believe that is not true..Rasulullah did go to war to spread Islam, but he never kill those who does not wish to embrace islam..they are allowed to stay as long as they pay jizyah..the Customers in Marriot and Rits sure pay tax and all to indonesia goverment for their why go and kill them, where u are supposed to protect them...

i know, i've been biased..maybe this is not done by Muslim at all, it maybe be an evil conspiracy of the jews or any evil party to cornered muslim into Terrorisme..Allah knows best cause He is the All-Knower.. May Allah the Almighty protect his religion from the fitnah..

i dont know..this is purely my point of view..correct me if i'm wrong..tq

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