Sunday, July 19, 2009

Have You Ever Heard of Zakat Anak?~~~ mom watch a tv programme in TV9 and she came across ustaz amin as one of the panels...and Ustaz amin mentioned about his blog where u can ask questions to him..and so my mom asked me to browse the blog..haha..and then i bumped to one question andit tickles me till now..the question goes like this..

Ustaz.. ada ker zakat anak... maksudnya bila dapat anak lebih kena bagi kat orang lain. yang dah lebih tue..jawapannya tak ada

i don't know with u guys but i found that the question is verry funny..not that i'm saying it's a stupid question cause there's no such thing as stupid question but i thought it's funny..never thought about there's such thing as ZAKAT ANAK..only heard of zakat harta, pendapatan, emas and so on..but zakat anak.?? that mean if u have extra children u have to give them a way to those unlucky couples??haha..the thought itself is funny for me..hihihihi..

but u know what, children are gift from Allah to those He wants..and sometimes, u'll find those who are not so lucky, meaning they are not rich materially but they are rich with children..u may thought it's irony like dah laa miskin beranak ramai plak..mana nak tanggung yg anak2 berderet2 tuh..and u may even suggest them a family planning or such...but it is certainly not allowed for u to not want children because you are poor..

every child born to this earth, Allah has allocated his rezeki earlier before he was no worries..instead u shud be greatful..u may not have wealth in this world but certainly u'll be a wealthy person in the Hereafter cause u have so many children whose DUA' will supply u with endless DEEDS..hihihi..

btw, Ustaz Amin's blog is a very good one..feel free to browse thru..

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