Monday, August 17, 2009

Puisi Cinta~~

Saya suka puisi cinta yang saya jumpa di internet ini. Ia sangat romantik dan istimewa...saya dediaksikan khas untuk yang terSayang...cewahh..hahaha

i just l.o.v.e you...

i'm sorry i love you more than i should
i know i shouldn't but i coudn't help falling in love with you
i'm sorry because now i miss you so much and wanting to be with you
i know i must have been crazy and stupid but i couldn't ease the desire
i blame you for treating me so nice that cause me to fall for you

i'm falling deeper and deeper

i hate that you cause me so much pain
i hate that you drive me insane
i hate that you make me greedy
but i hate most that you make me happy

i wish i could erase the memory of you
i wish i could slow down my heart beat whenever i hear your voice on the phone
i wish i could hide away all the happiness whenever i meet you
i wish i could bury your images deep within my heart, not to surface again, not to be felt again

i started to wish for all the crazy things since i fall for you

i love the way you look straight into my eyes when you talk to me
and it makes me blush with rush of happiness
i love the way you acting cute in front of me and it makes me want to hug you like a baby
i love when you makes the giddy smile cause it always makes me feel better
i love that i gave you my first kiss and the love blossoms in me everytime i think about that
i love that you always listen to me attentively and it melts me with hopes, hopes for the future

i thought those are the reasons why i love you
but really i don't know why i love you
you just came into my life and make my heart flutters and jitters

i just l.o.v.e you...
p/s : i lap u oso..dun worry..i lap eberybody..hahaha


fendi said...

Something to go along with this entry~

redhuans said...

awwwwww...scweet gilaa...tetiba aku terbayng kalo pendi yg jadik budak tu..

Yasmin Ahmad : Fendi do you have a girlfriend??

Fendi : YESSSS

Yasmin Ahmad : What's her name?

Fendi : erkkk..she doesn't like me..


fendi said...

demns..didnt see tht 1 coming...hahaha bengong shidot~

rumah murah said...

merah gile, sakit weyh mate nk bace!!!