Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i'm currently doing my anaesthetic rotation in Cork University Hospital..i know those 3rd meds and above will say to me we passed that excitement oready..but yesterday really my fisrt experience on Operating Theater..mmg cool aaa...and i got to watch 2 simultaneous complicated surgery going on..1 is aortic valve replacement surgery and the other is Coronary Artery Bypass seyhhh..the moment i stepped out the OT yesterday i told myself i'm gonna be a surgeon one's not because i love to cut people's just that i love the environment in OT..haha

And today i got to watch 3 back to back cataract surgery..and by now i think i can do the surgery by myself oready..they were kind of same surgery but different challenge in each one..the first one was like a perfect normal cataract surgery..the second is harder cause the cataract lining is very thick..the 3rd is even harder cause the pupil is not dilatted so they have to insert very small hook in different corners to open up the pupil..mmg cool laa..siap tgk undermicroscope lg..haha..and today the moment i stepped out the OT, i'm confirming myself to become a surgeon..hahah..that thought might change in the next rotation but GP certainly not on my list..hehehe...eksen sungguh..

but thats not really it actually..i'm just falling in love with all the good consultants cause they are very nice..they are very professional and they treat u professionally even when u know nothing about the procedure what so ever...the reason why i love the environment of the OT is because i think they all act with high integrity of professionalism..the consultant, the surgeon, the aneasthetist, the nurses, the engineer even the attendent..they were very professional, dedicated and mesra alam..Dr Sheila was the anaesthetist i was attched to yerterday..she was very nice..she was very enthusiatic in teaching even when she had to run here and there to check on the surgery..even when she gave us homework to do despite knowing i wont be meeting her again, still i did my homework and i was eager and excited about my homework i looked up everything she told us to study..that was because i was deeply affected by how professional she was in treating us the i got motivated and feel appreciated..

that is what i think lacking in Malaysian environment..when the consultants acting like i-know-everything-and -u-are-just-stupid kind of behaviour then they tend to treat interns and others below than them with arrongant body likes that..i still dont understand, why the doctors in malaysia like to work in that kind of hateful environment...derang marah2 intern, herdik2, kutuk2, maki2 of kos they also will feel bad..they know exactly how stressful a life of a doctor is, and they just decided to put more pressure and stress on their life and others..i don't know how will i survive 2 years internship in malaysia without any rebel and retaliation..

why can't they just create a healthy environment for everybody to work happily..u know most of the doctors spend like 36 hours straight sometimes in the least a nice, friendly and cheerful environment will help to ease the stress and pressure and tiredness...the thing i love the most about ER drama was how it potrays professionalism so perfect for a working environment..they were working like a family.;.the pressure is there of kos, but the working environment was very healthy that u feel motivated to work..

Doctors really need to master leadership..nobody would love to listen to caci maki consultant everyday when the job' pressure is already too much to handle..please, don't add up the pressure..u know how difficult and stressful it is the road to become a doctor, with study study study and come u just easily call people stupid after you went through the same things when u were an intern..i think the consultant who behave like that is far more stupid than the intern..the moment he call people stupid, that's is the very moment he is telling the whole world i'm more stupid than you..

aku mmg anti and x paham the kind of behaviour doktor2 pakar di malaysia was just from what i heard..derang expect the interns to be perfect ke in what they do..of kos that is a stupid and lousy expectation..i can give you a long list of medical error made by consultants..consultant pun wat salah..that's the nature of human..Dr. Shiela said to us yesterday..the Consultant are just like u and me..we made mistake..we stayed late up night and have to work in the morning..sometimes the prescription may be wrong..i love that kind of attitude..she acknowledge that first hand that they are just human like us..and they are willing to learn..and they do make mistake..when u acknowledge ur weakness that u wudnt be treating people with utmost arrogant and perangai yg sgt membencikan..

please don't call people stupid even if they can't have the canula in the veins' s a learning process..sunnatullah manusia itu motivated by support and appreciation..derang mesti belajar reward system tyme derang belajar phisio still x nk aplikasikan kepada real life..cett..saya anti doktor pakar yg perangai busuk..saya sayang doktor yg perangai baik..everyone does, rite??

so saya berazam untuk menjadi doktor yg baik, bukan yg suka maki caci org..nih x masuk bab nurses lagi..really i think malaysian health personel kener amik motvational and leadership course to improve their work attitude..

it's easy for me to say this and that when i have no first hand experience yet..but the irish medical personel by far is very professional that is proven by how their work is..itu mmg kener contoh aaa..

arghhh bencinye mengarut panjang2 nih..kalo korang terbaca sorry laaa..membuang masa sgt..hehe..

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wany said...

arghhh!! aku x kira, apa2 pon rajiv ttp bes sbb dia kacak! haha,,