Monday, October 26, 2009

Charity Week

Charity Week is back in UCC. The idea behind Charity Week is simple; to unify in our efforts to help those in need by raising money and awareness for orphans across the world.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:“I and the caretaker of the orphan will enter Paradise together like this, raising (by way of illustration) his forefinger and middle finger jointly, leaving no space in between.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

MCS will organize a bucket collection at our booth in UCC Main Campus. Details of the event is as follows

Date : 27 -29 October 2009 (Tue-Fri)
Time : 10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue : UCC Main Campus and Brookfielf Health Science Center

Please come and visit our booth today in support of our effort to make the life of the orphans through out the world so much better. We have food selling, charity t-shirt for only Euro 5, bucket collection, charity movie screening and so much more.

Some facts of today’s orphans* 150 million orphans
* 8% of all children are orphans
* 42,200 children are orphaned every day
* 10.6 million (8%) of all children will die of preventablecauses before age five
* 5.4% of all children will die before age one

Why not help someone improve their life and inshallah you will see and feel the rewards in your own.

Everyone is requested to take part and get as many people involved as possible.

for more information please visit

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