Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Live Palestine : Robert Fisk in UCC

Assalamualaikum wbt..

i know, most of us mesti x tau who's the heck Robert Fisk nih kan..but tell u what he is a verry well known journalist..he spent 30 years in Middle East and dia wat liputan perang dan pergolakkan kt middle east..revolusi iran, Iraq, Palestine-israel, lebanon dan mcm2 lg..dia penah interview osama laden 3 kali, saddam hussien dan ramai lg..

it should be a verry interesting one..and get to know the insight of Palestine-Israel issu..the talk is brought by UCC LAW SOCIETY..

Detail of events

Date : 4th November
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Boole 4

Due to limited seating capacity and overwhelming demand, the Law Soc will distribute tickets for this event. Tickets for students (ID required and free of charge) will be distributed on November 3rd at 11am in the Boole Basement. First Come First Serve.

jom pegi ramai2...
P/S: sapa nk tolong amikkan tiket for me..huhuhu..ada clinic pkul 11 tuh..saper2 kt Bons..haha..xpun aku balek awai laa dr clinic x besa plak..hihihi...

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