Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ben the two of us need look no more,
we both found what we're looking for,
with a friend to call my own,
i'll never be alone,

That's the lyric of my favourite, MJ's Ben...Today actually, i'm going to write a story of Ben...There's a classmate of mine name Benjamin Wai Bun Lai..He's doing hospital rotation with me now in Kerry General Hospital... He is a chinese-canadian, a very good man i suppose..We used to joke about his name cause we think Ben is like too glamour and too American for a we decided to call him Bun Lai, or Ah Lai..and we will laugh at how funny it was..the thing about canadian student in UCC is that, they are much older than the rest as they enter Med School with a degree beforehand which is a requirement for them before doing medicine..So basically, they are knowledgable, matured and somehow a bit arrogant in way..not arrogant i suppose, but they are kind of show off and some people just don't like it, but i think it's fine...Undeniably, their exam results always top of the class..they are just born to top the chart..

In Kerry, we are having academic half day session on monday and friday morning where we'll discuss about a case and then divide titles for presentation, creating EMQs(extended multiple question), and History Taking and Examination..we are asked to create EMQs and good EMQs will be used by Med School in Final Exam...How lucky it is for you when your question is used for Final Exam..i'm sure it's a hell of prestige for oneself, even nobody would know it's from you..but who cares as long as you know it is yours right?

So, going back to Ben, he was very excited of doing EMQ's..Each person doing EMQ will have to present to the rest and we will try to answer and then evaluation on the quality of the EMQs will be made by the tutor and us...If it is a good question, then the tutor will say, it's a very good one..The week before, Lisa Dann had her EMQs' praised by all, because they are very good i suppose..So Ben would like to do the same and he keep on saying about doing good EMQs to us..He is very excited in doing good EMQs and he will smile at the thought of it..

So when his turn came to do the EMQs he was excited..and the day when he is supposed to present them, i just lost count of the numbers of him saying , oh i hope it's a good then he presented his EMQs..the first question was tough and we just don't know the answer, but after going through it, the tutor said, the question is a bit controversy, a polite way of saying it's a bad question, Ben was a bit down, then it came to the next question, and the tutor said, this question will do, a polite way of saying, it's a good Ben was on the moon, he was smiling again in happiness like a small child..and he said, 1 out of 2..then we went through the next question, and the controversy comment came out from the tutor and Ben is down again..and the cycle repeat itself and ended up Ben had 2 out of 5 good EMQs..and he told himself and the rest, not too bad at all, even in know he was wishing for perfect 5...

And i just don't like it when Ben is trying so hard to please everyone with his good EMQs as i thought it is way too showing off..but then today i thought about it and it just came across my mind that i might just be way too wrong of how i interprate Ben..I don't care if he's arrogant and like to show off whatever, but the thing i learn from Ben today is his spirit of trying to give his best shot even in the so-not-important-EMQs-making...i never bother of doing good EMQs anyway, cause i don't think it a big deal at all..But it's different with Ben, he just gave his best shot to make the best EMQs he could possibly have..even the result might be a bit dissapointing, but who cares as long as you have tried you best in giving your all..

We must always have that kind of attitude of giving the very best we have even in the smallest matter cause it is just like you are living yourself to the fullest with the maximun satisfaction and effort..just leave the result to is up to Him to decide the outcome of our effort, but it is up to us to put as many effort as we can..and just have faith in Allah that He will never do us any injustice..that's how everyone should live their life..never tired of giving the best..with the responsibility that i have now, all i can tell myself and do, is keep on trying to give the best shot in every single little thing i do, cause even if it's small, it might leave a mark and impact on others..

Ok that's pretty much about Ben...


( i don't know why i'm writting this in english, if Ben happen to google his name and found my blog, surely he will read about it..but i suppose he will feel good about it, cause i'm writting good stuff about him rite?hahah)

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nida said...

haha..geram aku tgk soklan pakcik tu..sme susah2 n panjang2..
btw, esok aku nk bgtau ben suruh google nama dia la..hehe..