Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Realistic vs Optimistic

Assalamualaikum wbt...

I've been hearing the words REALISTIC over and over again lately, not that i despise it, just don't like it. I'm always been an ambitious, optimistic driven kind of person. That what really drive me to work and work and work...Being Ambitious, Optimistic is extra special because from those so called 'nonsense-stupid' ambitions you'll create magic. Those magic can only be created by those who always being ambitious and eager to create and bring something new and make changes. That’s what I learn from those who make changes in the world.

For me,

Realistic means you are on the ground.
Optimistic means you are flying in the air.

Being too realistic in everything will make you a person who's always on the ground. You can never fly because you are afraid that you might fall. But once you fly you can always look down and you can always touch the ground when you need to. But those who are on the ground they will stuck there and they can't be dynamic enough to make a change. They can never fly away.

Everyone needs to find the right balance of being ambitious and realistic. Not to be too REALISTIC and too AMBITIOUS. We are too much on the ground right now. People might think those who blunt ambitious have no basis. Being ambitious is where the basis lies. You only have to set the base, but let free of the limit.

The problem with being realistic is that we set the limit base on surrounding and situations and of course it limits us. We create a wall that surrounds our imagination and capability. It put limit in what we can do, put limit in our effort, put limit in our creativity, put limit in our mind. Let the limit off the hook, then surely we will rise and create magic.

I’m sure everyone know the story of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh of how he created unimaginable magic of sailing through the land with their ships to bypass the giant chain. The base he set for himself is to open Constantinople, but the limit of what he will do to achieve that is beyond imagination because he never set the limit.

If people sail through the ocean, now we have to start to sail through the land, the mountains, and the river. For that everything is possible in Allah’s Will and Power.

Sadly, i'm not that ambitious in Study and Academic. Huhu..I want to fly in my study, to think of the unthinkable, to dream of the impossible, to fease of the unfeasable..Aja-aja..have to work and give weight on every single assigment, and on every exam..Chaiyok!!!

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