Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hehehe..baru abis baca buku Long Walk To Freedom, Autobiography of Nelson Mandela..Wohooo..menarik2..walaupun berpeluh laa nk abiskan sebab 800++ berjaya dihabiskan..huahuahua..

The book is very inspiring makes you wonder, why haven't you got the strength to live your luxury life when in fact others were fighting for their freedom

It tells you, your fight never stops even whenever you are what ever you are doing..Mandela fought his tooth and nails to improve prison condition after he was put behind bars for 27 years..He fought strong even when he was studying, practising law and so on..The best part was that, he was even graduated from a London University when he was behind bars..hoho..menarik2..kita yg tak duduk dalam penjara nih, tatau laa nk bg alasan apa kan..udoh ler berjuang pun idok..hoho..

Sapa2 ada free time baca laa..very interesting sebab dia macam novel, tp full of facts, emotional journey, courage and inspiration..


Tetiba teringat nak tambah sket...

Kagum gila ngan derang nyer political mind tau..every move made by the opponent they assess it to the very detail and tahu why such action was taken, and what the impact will it cause..from the very small step into big one, there's always reason for such action..

Then teringat taun-taun lepas pernah tgk satu cerita korea nih, Queen Seon Deok.. Lebih kurang sama jer derang nyer political mind... Cerita korea tuh lg aaa, setiap decision by the opponent derang tahu kenapa, and they plan cara nk counter dgn cara yg sgt makes u wonder..ada ker org yg pemikiran sebegini kritis dan politikus..rupa2nya Politicians are really gifted with that kind of'll be impress with a politician mind..they can always read between the lines that normal people cannot..

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