Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rational vs Emotional

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Rational vs Emotional.. a point of reconciliation...

Manusia membuat keputusan secara rational iaitu menggunakan akal, dan juga pada masa yang sama emotional iaitu menggunakan hati. Manusia dilengkapi dua kelebihan yang tiada pada makhluk lain, iaitu akal(rational) dan hati(emotional).

Sometimes, emotion can clouds ones rational judgement. Betulkan?? Kadangkala, akal mengatakan ya, ini tindakan betul, tetapi hati begitu berat untuk melaksanakannya. Manusia itu berbeza-beza, ada yang rational dan mampu membuat pertimbangan sempurna antara rational dan emotional, namun ada juga yang kadangkala berat sebelah. Bagi orang yang sentiasa 'rational' mereka hanya melihat kepada logik akal, manakala yang emotional menilai dari hati dan perasaan.

Dimanakah kita?? rational atau emotional??

Everyone knows themselves. I know i'm a bit of emotional. I would say to myself over and over again, never let your emotional crisis clouds your rational and morale judgement, but to no avail, I keep on losing to one side.

How do you find a fine line between emotional and rational. It's devastating your mind when you know exactly from the point of rational judgement that you need to do this, but the heart was so unwilling to do what the mind says, so you keep on doing the opposite..

There has to be a point of reconciliation between these two, or a compromise..

Have to find it..

Being emotional can be a soul crusher.. We watched a video about 'self image psychology' this afternoon. It mentioned about how others became ones soul crusher..but what was going through my mind at that time was, what if ones self become his own soul crusher, what if ones mind is playing games and tricks into trapping him crushing his own soul, spirit & confidence. So where do you start to solve the problem?? How do you dismantle it into smaller pieces??

Difficult question to answer..but it Must and Has to have an answer...


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