Thursday, August 26, 2010

Antara Agama dan Politik

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hurmmm.. i was thinking of writing my thought and opinion regarding the praying for Lim Guan Eng in Friday Khutbah, but after doing some research about it, i came to a point of confusion on what stand should be taken.

Here's the thing. Is this political world, there's a basis of Islam that one needs to follow and to abide by it. What mentioned clearly in Islam need to be followed without any compromise. The thing is, in islam we have Rules that was mentioned as Qataei (definite) and some that are subject to various interpretation by Ulama'

In any issues that arise whether potitically, economically ir whatever, the very first thing need to be done is to look deep into what islam has to say about it. In term of Hukum whether it is against or followed the rules of it. If it against Islamic Rules and tradition, put aside the thought of manipulating it. Stop the discussion. Done. No compromise.

But if it were not mentioned clearly in Islam and subject to various interpretation, then we need to pick a stand on which opinion is the strongest.

Then, if it is allowed in islam, then we need to think of the political side of it. Whether it is a good move to make and whether the timing is right or not.

The problem that arise now is, we tend to do the other way round. We think of the political side first before Islam. We are putting Politic before Islamic Rules and Tradition. Thus, the leaders came out it ' Halal Gambling' not so long ago by putting other thing first before Islam.

Regarding the Khutbah issue, the basis for Government attack on the issue, wasn't base on religion. I mean to say, they were not pointing as the praying was against Islamic rules, but the were busy mentioning it is a disrespect move to Yang Di Pertuan Agong. If you follow the media, they were stressing upon the dropping of Agong names on it. They were not stressing whether or not it is against Islamic Rules and Traditions.

So, here's the trick, playing political games in religion field..

As for my opinion, i divide it into two. First whether it is allowed in islam, and the other one is whether it is a good political move.

As i went through Dr Asri's blog I found it very good as with good dalil to justify his opinion. And for Harussani, i did'nt found his justification for the Fatwa of prohibiting it. I only found the article in newspaper of him mentioning the praying was against Islamic Rules, but no dalil to back it up. So i cannot make clear enough judgement as to whether which on is the strongest opinion. As for Dr Asri' point of view was strong enough for me ( considering i did'nt go through kitab2 ulama' and so on) i taking his side with no prejudice of politic.

Then we go for the second things which is a bit tricky here, whether it is a good political move or not by opposition. The government are using this as a very strong political weapons to be used against the opposition. Me myself not sure whether it is a good political move or not. It is hard to judge. In one hand, we Malays are not yet in the situation where, everyone is well educated enough to weigh the praying in term ( arggghh susah laa tulis dalam english nih..fed up jap)..Masyarakat Melayu kita masih belum berada ditaraf dimana kita boleh menilai sesuatu tindakan dari pandangan agama dengan mengambil kira isu khilaf dan sebagainya. Kecetekan ilmu kita menyebabkan kita melihat sesuatu isu dari sudut yang sempit. Asal ada sahaja orang bukan islam membaca ayat al-quran, didoakan untuk kesejahteraan, menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan islamic seperti memberi salam, insyaallah, masyaallah dan sebagainya, kita terus menuding dan melihatnya sebagai satu penghinaan kepada islam. Ini jelas didasarkan kepada kecetekan ilmu kita. Jadi, dalam situasi sekarang, bermain dengan isu 'sensitif' (yang disensitifkan disebabkan kecetakan ilmu agama) bukanlah perkara yang bijak. Ia mudah dimanipulasikan oleh pihak lawan. As to say, it's a good weapon when 2 main critical Malay issue being used. Orang Melayu kan paling sensitif bila ia berkaitan isu Islam (walaupun bila Hudud tidak dilaksanakan tidak ada pulak yang nak sensitif) dan satu lagu isu Raja-Raja Melayu. If we go back by history, these are the two main reasons why Malays we up against Malayan Union and British Goverment not so long ago.

Isu Khutbah ini berjaya memainkan 2 perkara sensitif orang Melayu, dan ia adalah tindakan propaganda politik yang berkesan untuk terus menjumudkan pemikiran orang melayu apabila Islam dan Raja Melayu digabungkan secara serentak. Maka sudah pasti tentangan orang melayu terhadap Pakatan Rakyat akan bertambah-tambah. Untuk pembangkang, sangat wajar untuk mereka datangkan pernyelesaian kepada isu ini agar mereka tidak terus menerus dipersalahkan dan terperangkap dalam permainan ini.

Ok Adios~~

p/s : Isu-isu ini sedikit membosankan untuk dibincangkan keraja ia perkara serius, tapi nk tulis jugak to make sure my brain is keep on working and thinking out of medicine..hehehe..

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