Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deliberate Self Harm

Assalamualaikum wbt..

This morning just met a patient trying to kill himself by stabbing his abdomen with a steak knife. He was brough to A&E yesterday after calling the ambulance himself. Luckly for him, he wasn't wounded badly even after he pushed in the knife for 4 inches.

Reason?? His 12 years of relationship has ended with him cheating over his girlfriend. His having an affair with an escort ( just googled what escort is, kind of like prostitue) for 7 years.

The consultant diagnosed of Distress instead of Depression.

During the team meeting this morning, there were 2 other cases of Deliberate Self Harm and the consultant did mentioned of him seeing quite a few patients these days with suicide not because they are psychosis (mental problem like schizo, but mainly due to depression). Hurmmm..

Kembalilah mengingati Tuhan agar hati menjadi tenang di kala kekalutan hati, nafsu dan minda..

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