Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not The Primrose Path

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It's been quiet a while since last i read through a blog of a friend i admire so much for his spirit. Today, i saw someone posted one of Mas' article on Facebook, and so i found myself went through the blog again.

It's always inspiring to see and read the experience of someone, who never give up on 'bad' circumstances that lies ahead. Whenever i feel like losing my own spirit of fighting in things i'm doing, it's refreshing to go through Mas' blog as he shares his experiences and in the mean time trying his best to instill strength in others to keep living.

Having the chance to meet him during DIA last summer, it was an opportunity not to be missed. I approached him to be the main speaker for DIA with the thought in mind will he able to do this giving his health at the moment. I emailed him and called and he agreed to be the speaker. I cannot thank Allah more for that.

He really made an effort to take part in DIA. Having had to drive back and forth from his house to the program, really take almost all of his energy, that's what he said. Nonetheless, he managed to deliver his speech very well, energetic and inspiring. Nobody can tell that he is in that state he is right now.

" Oh Allah, bless this Akhi with Your endless Mercy, for You The Most Merciful. "

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