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Leadership : From the Story of Prophet Moses

Leadership : From the Story of Prophet Moses

I was very attracted to how John Maxwell form his book people communicates, but few connects, in the conclusion he mentioned about the story of Prophet Moses and he developed his leadership skill. He mentioned the story of Moses from the Bible, and I searched the Quran for the description of the story of Moses. Here’s what he say.

One of the greatest leaders in human history was Prophet Moses. He led an entire nation of people and relocated them and everything they owned from one land to another. He presented them with a code of Laws. And he handed the baton to another leader who would settle them in their new home.

But Prophet Moses didn’t start out as a great leader. In fact, you can see that he had to grow in every area of his life to be successful.

He Was not Good With People

We think a good leaders and communicators as naturally good with people. That wasn’t the case of for Moses. In fact, he was so bad with people that in the first recorded incident where he tried to influence another person, an Egyptian, he ended up killing him. Moses had to flee the country and live in exile. (Exodus 2 : 11-14)

“ And he entered the city at a time of unawareness of its people: and he found there two men fighting, - one of his party (his religion - from the Children of Israel), and the other of his foes. The man of his (own) party asked him for help against his foe, so Musa (Moses) struck him with his fist and killed him. He said: "This is of Shaitan's (Satan) doing: verily, he is a plain misleading enemy." ( Al-Qasas : 15)

He Was not A Good Communicator

When he received God’s calling at the burning bush, Moses wanted no part of it. He had no confidence in his ability to communicates with people. Moses responded, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3 : 11 Niv) And he added, “ O Lord, I have never been eloquent. Neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue….O Lord, please send someone else to do it. For Moses to accept the assignment, God had to agree to send Moses’s brother Aaron with him. (Exodus 4 :10, 13 NIV)

“ He said: "My Lord! I have killed a man among them, and I fear that they will kill me. "And my brother Harun (Aaron) - he is more eloquent in speech than me: so send him with me as a helper to confirm me. Verily I fear that they will belie me." (Al-Qasas : 33-34)

He Was Not A Good Leader

After Moses successfully led the children of Israel out of Egypt, he wasn’y particularly successful at leading them farther. The people were continually trying to go in the wrong direction and moses was trying to do everything himself- a recipe for failure in leadership. It tool Moses’ father in law, Jethro, to see what he was doing wrong and teach him how to appoint other leaders to help him carry the load.

They said: "O Musa (Moses)! We shall never enter it as long as they are there. So go you and your Lord and fight you two, we are sitting right here. He [Musa (Moses)] said: "O my Lord! I have power only over myself and my brother, so separate us from the people who are the Fasiqun (rebellious and disobedient to Allah)!"

Why is the example of Moses important? Because it shows that the ability to connect with others, communicate effectively with them, and increase your influence can be learned. Lorin Wolfe The Bible on Leadership, says, “ There is a wide ranging debate about the innateness or ‘ learnability’ of effective communication skills and the nature of ‘charisma’. He weighs in that it can be learned. He wrote,

God’s suggestion to Moses was to team him with his brother Aaron, who was a better speaker. But it was Moses, not Aaron, who spoke to Pharaoh and led his people out of Egypt. What he lacked in speaking ability, Moses possessed in conviction, courage, and compassion or his people. These traits were communicated unmistakable to all who were exposed to him, both follower and foe.

Moses took what ability he did possess, and he made the most of it. He did what he was called to do, and he increased his influence and used it to help an untold number of people. And he connected with them. When he died, and entire nation wept.

That was the story of Prophet Moses. He ended up being one of the greatest Leaders of the entire nation by leading the Israelites (the best nation of their time). Learn to lead today. Improve leadership skill today.

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