Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shedot Super Sunday : Inception & Dream

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Beberapa hari yg lepas, berpeluang tgk cerita Inception..Time summer arituh mmg teringin gila dah nak tgk cita nih, sbb semua orang kata best..

Lepas dah habis tgk cerita tuh, tetiba rasa cam loss sense of reality jap.haha..exxagerate..tetiba cam tertanya2, aku nih dalam mimpi ke realiti..hehe..menarik gila jalan cerita dia..geniuss laaaa..walaupun bila tgk banyak detail2 dia yg x difahami, tp best aa..jalan cerita dia sangat kompleks, tp menarik...menarik camna dia boleh dpt idea nak memanipulasi mimpi untuk create filem yang macam nih...

Owh, tapi bukan nk wat syarah ttg cerita nih..cuma nak kongsi satu benda menarik dr buku Human Givens berkenaan dream..kira cam bagaimana nk mentafsir mimpi..lepas baca nih, aku cuba aa sket2 nk tafsir mimpi2 yang aku ingat..hahaha..ada cara dia nk tafsir mimpi..lepas nih korang suma leh tafsir mimpi korang..haha..ok.

Definition of dream - Dreaming is the acting out of UNCOMPLETED emotionally arousing introspection, all elements of which appear in the guise of sensory analogues - METAPHORICAL representations. And this process would serve to free up the brain to deal with the emotionally arousing events of the following day, instead of having to maintain readiness to continue responding to the emotional arousing introspection of the day.

We can illustrate this with a dream that was quoted in The Origin of Dreams. This is how the dreamer described her dream.

" We are going to party. my family is there. I am walking along the road with my cousin and all our aunts and uncles. We call into a shop for sweets. My cousin gets served but the girl behind the counter does not seem to understand my insytructions. She keeps getting the wrong bar of chocolate and seems very rude. We go into another shop and i get an old fashion bag of Maltesers and we eat these small balls of honeycomb covered in milk chocolate. We then see my aunts, and my mother, walking up the road. All my aunts look as though they have been put through a chocolate machine; they all appear as different types of chocolate. I notice that my mother appears as my favourite chocolate, a packet of Maltesers. But she is falling some distance behind my aunts. I am annoyed that they are not waiting for her. My family are talking about skirt that had been given to them by Granny. It is decided to give it to me try on. I do so and it fits me perfectly "

The dream was based on the following waking experiences :

1. The previous day a member of the dreamer's family had invited her to a party. The anticipated party provides the setting for the dream.

2. The dreamer was a senior nurse and on her ward round the previous day, she had been accompanied by an inexperienced junior nurse who seemed unable to carry out correctly the instructions she had gave her and had been rather insolent. This analogy is represented in the dream by her difficulty in getting served by the rude shop assistant.

3. The old fashio bag of chocolates relates to her weakness for eating chocolate (she had bought some on the way home from work the previous evening). The old fashioned relates to her strongly held view that this weakness is handed down through the generations in her family.

4. The image of her aunts and mother as bars of chocolate relates to a conversation she had a couple of days earlier with her boyfriend concerning her weight. He had said that, unless she was careful, she would continue to put weight, just like the rest of her family, who were all overweight. These worries were restimulated by her guilt feelings at buying chocolate on her way home.

5. Another dream theme is the annoyance she feels when she sees her mother falling behnd her aunts and her aunts not waiting for her. This reflects her concern for her mother, who had recently had heart trouble. She felt annoyed when she learned that her aunts were rushing to their doctors to have their heart checked without waiting to see how her mother got on. Thinking about weight led her to recall her annoyance at her aunts' recent behaviour.

6. The final theme is that of the skirt, given by her grandmother, which fits her perfectly. Her aunts and her mother inherit their figure from her grandmother. The 'perfect fitting' skirt is an analogy for inheritting the family 'figure', caused by a liking of sweets things, that she thinks she has inherited.

All dreams illustrate the rule that every element is them is an analogical representation of something else connected with a waking event. So it is that, in this dream, the dreamer's mother and her aunts don't appear as themselves but analogically manifest as different types of chocolate bar..

Heheh..Ok, menarik x? pada aku menarik aa..kalo korang rasa x menarik naseb lerrrr..hahaha..lepas nih boleh aa korang mula tafsirkan mimpi2 korang..cambest jerk kalo tetiba mimpi pelik2 or nightmare ker, pandai2 laa korang tafsir sendiri yer..haha..

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