Sunday, January 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Pernah sekali baca dalam buku Tuesday With Morrie, ada sekali tuh Morrie masuk dalam lecture theater dia, dia masuk student tgh bising then dia masuk dia diam je and student pun mula laa diam. Dia masuk tak cakap sepatah pun. Pastuh student dah mula pelik dah, semua orang gelisah sebab napa dia dok diam je.

Sebenarnya Morrie saja nak buat experiment, why people restless and uneasy in silence. Tapi bila dalam bising-bising orang boleh rasa selesa. Selalu kan bila dalam lecture bila before start kelas kan kita selalu dok bising-bising kan. Gelak-gelak. Tapi kita rasa comfortable and rasa selesa jer dalam suasana tuh. Tapi bila cam Morrie wat experiment tuh kan, naper orang x rasa selesa. Morrie tanya what comfort people find in loudness. Why can people seek comfort in silence.

Tertanya satu soalan, bila orang selalu update status kat Facebook, update semua apa yang dirasakan, sedih, gembira, kecewa, marah dan sebagainya dan juga update aktiviti kehidupan harian sendiri. What kind of comfort and satisfaction did we find in that? Apa satisfaction yang kita dapat by letting the whole world know what we feel and what we do.

What comfort do we find? What solace we can find in exposing our personal and private matters to everybody..well, me myself used to do that before and i'm not sure either what kind of satisfaction did i find...It's more like attention seeking i suppose. We find excitement when people commenting our status reply all sorts of things..It is very much of attention seeking..are we attention deficit kind of people?

When we are sad we tend to update our status, telling people we are sad or mad. Why did we do that? Have we ever tried to think why in the world did we do that? For what purpose? Do we want others to know what we feel? Or do we want others to say ' don't be sad' to us? or do we want people to come and give their condolences? Or we merely just doing that because other people did that on facebook? or is it just part of 'facebook culture'...

We used to be debating about globalisation or the world of no borders because of the development of the internet, trading system and all. Globalisation was among the hot topic to be debated in our time of school debating competition, be it Piala Perdana Menteri(PPM) or IIUM Interschool championship. But now, nobody cares anymore to be debating about facebook, while in fact it is the worst nightmare of what we afraid of with regards to Globalisation..yes, the world we live in definitely has no border anymore.. complete borderless..not only geographically borderless, but what is more severe, there isn't any border with regards to private life anymore..what worse, we lost a certain degree of control of private and personal life, when facebook breach into our life and infiltrate our daily activities report when we ourselves become the main reporter, reporting our own news to the public..

We dearly want our private matters to be private and secret, but we ourselves expose them to public on facebook? Then why did we fight for privacy? we fight for human right, but we are trading it on facebook everyday..Nonsense~~

We dearly want to keep our thought exclusive to us only..Do we like others to do mind reading on us? We don't have to be gifted with special abilities like Edward Cullen to be having mind reading cause now everyone can read other's mind, because facebook says 'What's on your mind' in the status box, and everyone eagerly answers that.. So everyone is now gifted with mind reading..isn't that great??

I don't know why am i babbling about facebook here when in fact i'm still using it as well..and got addicted to it some more..oh bad...first thing in the morning facebook..after class, facebook..before start studying, facebook..taking a break, facebook..haihhh~~nonsense..


morrie said...

That's why you have tall short fat thin poor rich people. We are different. Some find joy in telling people about their life story. Some may not. Those who do might not care so much about privacy.
Kesimpulannya, we find joy in many things. As long as it's not forbidden kira okay lah kan.
Btw, impressed with your English. It's a lot better in this entry especially :)

Mr Facebook said...

something that may help around with this privacy issue