Friday, January 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..

I'm almost finish with my paediatric rotation for fourth year.. So far, i'm enjoying every bit and pieces of it..i never like neurology so much cause i thought neurology is sooooo complicated..well, it is complicated..i'm haywired enough thinking of all the nerves and the brain function..but doing a week of paediatric neurology with Dr Olivia O'Mahony, i'm loving it so much..mainly because i was treated well by Dr O'Mahony. When i said i was treated well i simple mean to say that she taught me a lot when i was attached to her. Some of the consultants would not give a damn to medical students. Sometimes they won't even bother if you were there or not.They treat you almost like you are invisible. When i was doing my Geriatric rotation last year, i hate it so much cause when we went to ward round with the team, i was just butting the consultant like a fool. He didn't even say a word or don't even bother to teach me anything. He only answers thing when i asked him.

So i was very determined in the future when i've become a consultant (insyaallah) or even as an intern or SHO or reg, i want to do the teaching properly. Simple because i've gone through the period of wanting to learn so much when i go to the hospital and i'm sure every medical student is expecting that. I am very motivated to go to the hospital just thinking i'll be learning good stuff for the day. For example, i never skipped anything from this week because i love going to ward round with Dr O'mahony cause i know i'll be learning something. She will explain about the patient in detail and explain about the disease well. Then when i'm home, i looked up the stuff learned for the day just to make sense of everything (bab2 lepas baca pastuh lupa tuh benda len aaa..hehe..) I have to go back and forth in between CUH and MUH but it never bothers me at all.

I'm not sure if i like to do Paeds in future cause it's kind of very sad when you look at the babies with a lot of difficulties, pain and discomfort. Pity them. But to be a paediatrician you really need to have a way with kids..Sometimes they can be very difficult to handle..but i had great time doing paeds for sure..but the exam part is just as nasty as any other exam..

I love going to community paeds. It's kind of like reminiscence of our great time doing CAS in KMB. I went to PDK Semenyih to do my CAS there (was it every week?? was it on wednesday, as far as i can remember). But community paeds in here is well established. The centre itself is very well equipped. I went to Enable Ireland in Kerry, and the centre there is like extravagant..they even have a hydrotherapy pool. Canggih laa centre tuh. I was very impressed. Then was determined as well to do that kind of things in Malaysia, kind of like developing a comunnity centre for disable children (semua benda aku nk wat kan..hoho)

I'll be having case presentation and data interpretation exam next week..Hohoho..loads and loads of stuff needed to be covered. Hopefully everything goes well insyaallah..

ok Adios~

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