Friday, February 11, 2011

A Wise Man

Assalamualaikum wbt...

I can still remember clearly that i've mentioned to someone(i know who he is) before (can't exactly remember where) that I want to be a wise man when i grow older. At that time i was looking at Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Tun Mahathir as an example of men of wisdom.

It was actually what came through my mind the when i was determined to make reading as a habit. i never like reading at all but not to say i read a lot now, but there has been some improvement the very least. I thought that to be wise i have to read more so that i know more.

Now, thinking about it, i seem to laugh at myself. What a fool~

I want to be a wise man without knowing what wisdom really means.

I was thinking if you know more, than you'll become a wise person.

I stumbled upon a facebook status (not sure who put it up) trying to differentiate between information and knowledge. Information does not guarantee you to be knowledgeable, and being knowledgeable would not make you a wise man either.

Reading supposedly give you more information. The more you read the more you know. It's true enough. But funny to say, the more i read the more it seems ridiculous to me because a week after that i seem to forget everything i've read. ( that is why i tend to share everything right at that moment when i know somethigncause i know i'll just forget everything after that, so not to waste my reading, better share it as many as possible). It seems like reading does not give me extra information at all. That's why if you ask me about anything, i have very limited facts and information that i can give. If you want to debate with me, i certainly lose the ground because I usually have no facts to back me up.

Funny, it seems like i forget more that what i've read. to be a wise man then. Owh by the way, i still want to be a wise man anyway but need to understand what wisdom really means. To understand wisdom certainly i have to speak with the wise man himself isn't.

Then i started to question myself, why the hack am i reading when i know exactly i'll forget them a week after that. The more i put thought to it, the more i reflected on myself. The more i understand the difference between information and knowledge.

Yes exactly, reading somehow give me some extra information (giving that i can contain them in my brain). I might be able to remember at the very least 1% of the content of the book i've read. But somehow, eventhough forgot most of the information, the benefit of reading is no doubt at all.

I tell you what. When you read something, you will always reflected on yourself when you come to a sentence or any information that you can reflect upon. Something that trigger's you to think and introspect yourself and it make you think about the world around. It make you think about yourself more and more. It make you to realize your weakness and mistakes and you strenght at the same time.

Somehow, it subconsciously ingrained in your mind and within you, all the thing that you read. You might not memorize the things you've read, but certainly you'll be more knowledgeable when you apply it subconsciously. It makes you a better person everytime you reflect upon yourself the matters that have significant important to you.

Actually, tengah malas super untuk membaca sekarang nih. Bertimbun-timbun buku tak baca. Buku Medic pun baca gitu-gitu aje..hehehe..

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