Sunday, September 25, 2011

Failte Freshers 2011!

Dear Freshers,
Welcome to Ireland and A Big Congratulations to all of you!! Yes, you’ve made it so far!
PPMC, PPIMI and PPIMG brings you the most desired freshers camp, FAILTE FRESHERS 2011!!
You’ll get transported to an authentic medieval fortress and feel like royalties. An experience not to be missed!
1. A 1 day trip to a gorgeous fortress even finals years might not have reached at a discounted price!
2. There’s at least a 4 hr journey that separates Cork from Dublin from Galway from Belfast… So where else can you find an event that reunites friends across Ireland??
3. Think it’s just a fun leisurely stroll down ancient roads? Think again. There’ll be games along the way that will challenge you physically and mentally. Double the fun
4. Your Excellencies, the seniors are at your disposal on that day. Create your network and dig up their experiences that enables them to survive studying in Ireland.
There’s more?


If you’re a member of PPIMI or PPMC or PPIMG, you are even entitled for a surprise gift on that day. So be sure to register to your respective societies
Come and join this trip with us! A limited number of places for the first 80 lucky people who has signed up or even just by RSVP here as attending. Why wait? Invite your friends all around Ireland. Here’s the opportunity to reunite with your friends
BUT, this trip is exclusively for FRESHERS, ie, 1st years who are commencing in 2011. YOU are our guest of honour.

To register, please fill in the registration form below

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