Monday, September 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt.

My Consultant asked me to clerk a new patient in his clinic today, so came a 3 year old brilliant boy name James to my clinic. He is very smart and he loves to talk talk talk talk..haha..but that wasn't the main concern of the mother. He actually had excessive salivation and drooling problem..*mmg cakap x kering air liur laa dia..hehe*

He was so adorable and lovely but have to be creative in entertaining his question. He is very very very curious about every single thing we do. He keep on asking me ' What are you doing' and then after i answered him, he will definitely asked 'Why'? and few other question being bombarded to me. 'Where are you going' 'What are you doing' 'Why?'

Jenuh melayan. He was very curious about everything and it's hard to keep explaining things to him. Sabor jer he's very cute and lovely..

*mencabar betul jadi mak and bapak, kena menjawab soalan anak-anak yg pelbagai..hehe..*

A scholar said, it's not the question of How, but it's the question of Why..

Along the way sometimes i just forgot to keep asking myself the question 'Why'

and today that little sweet boy just reminded me about it.

Why am i doing medicine, why am i in cork, why am i doing this and that, why did i get married, why did i study, and why and why and why..

You always need to ask the question 'WHY' to yourself along the way just as a reminder and to keep you on track.

Had a chance to listen to a complaint by an medical intern about her hectic job and tiredness of working. Doing medicine is not entertaining anymore and she just did that for the sake of doing it, not because of passion she used to hav when she was a student.

When she was a student, she was very passionate about medicine and now she seems to lose it.

And now it goes back to asking herself, the question fo why just to remind her how passionate she was about doing medicine.

this applies to our other part of life~


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