Thursday, October 7, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt..

I supposed it's the end of my favourite rotation so far, psychiatry..Sayonara~~I'm not sure to say whether it's a good way to end my day doing psych or not today. Went for team meeting at 8.15 but the Consultant were not there, we we waiting in the room till 9.00 or so. In the meantime, they were cracking jokes and i can barely understand. But they we laughing like crazy. Some of them even had to wipe tears coming out. It's nice to see them laughing but it's 'awkward' to be pretending like you understand the whole crack of laughter. But it's nice to start a day with some joy..hehe..

Then went to drink coffee trying to cram in all the definitions *sambil minum kopi pun boleh tersengguk..haha* i just wasted my morning in the lab doing facebook thing (oh my, siryes dah kena facebook obsessive compulsive disorder). Then at 11 went to extraordinary case was very interesting. They presented a patient with Dissociative Amnesia(i don't really know what exactly it means really) but the whole conference was intriguing. They brought in the patient and interviewd him. Basically what happend was, the guy suddenly had like panic attack, where he can't breath and fell unconscious and was brought to A&E for that. After he woke up, he loss his memory down to 6 years ago. He can't really remember where he is now. He can only remember thing from 6 years ago.. Menarik kan??! But there's a catch, something was not right somewhere with his memory. Funny thing is that, he can remember his facebook weyh(Oh my dalam banyak2 hal facebook jugak yg dia x lupa..haha..hebat tol penangan facebook..My Consultant said crack a joke of the need to upgrade himself with the facebook to solve the case..derang cam xtau td yg kita boleh block org dalam frined list kita..haha) ..haha..after went out of hospital, he was actively facebook-ing and there was some paranoia and bizzare delusion of someone trying to do bad thing to him via facebook. Like someone is spreading bad thing about him to his friend list. Paranoia. *malas nk cerita case tuh menarik consultant said, this case in complicated enough for Liason Psychiatry..hehe*

Owh, saya suka psychiatry walaupun saya malas baca buku..hehe..Walaupun selalu pergi kelas meronggeng2 tatau apa nak buat. Tapi saya suka hari selasa dan khamis sebab arituh ada ward round..Suka dapat tgk case-case yang menarik kat hospital.

I never like taking history (siryesly x suka gila kena pergi ambik history hari2), but really psychiatry history is interesting. I supposed the main difference is that psychiatry history is where we are trying to dig, to understand, to look deeper into someone's life. Trying to get understanding and the picture of the person's feeling, thought, belief and so on so on. Compared to medical history, it's like trying to tease out factual information out of the patient. Trying to dig all the abnormalities we could possible can. Without trying to understand the patients feeling, thought and insight. That is a spot on difference between psychiatry and other specialties of medicine. I suppose, i'm that kind of person who loves to understand how people think, behave, feel. I am more into thought and feeling and understanding emotions. I am more into human's live functioning as a whole.

That's why i find psychiatry interesting even my daily routine in hospital was more of time wasting, like wandering in the wards, facebooking in the lab waiting for consultant, and other time wasting activity cause there's not much thing to be done down there, but really, everytime i went for ward round, i was excited to see the patients. (kalau tak, x der laa tiap2 pagi 8.15 dah tercongok kt sepital walapun tahu selain selasa n khamis hari-hari lain sure x der wat apa pun pagi2 tuh, cuma lepas team meeting, consultant selalu bawak pergi review patient kt A&E, lepas 30 min dah abis then pergilah meronggeng) .Trying to understand their mind and thinking process and behaviour is something really-really interesting. We can easily be judgemental to those who succumb to Self harm or suicide even without trying to get an insight what his life like. It's easy for us to judge but we can never be empathy enough to understand people. Setiap kali jumpa patient yg nk bunuh diri, i always think in mind, why they resort into killing themselves. Is there no more hope for living? Is life that hard for them? Then rasa syukur hidup kita x sesusah org lain.

Owh kalau nak cerita what i feel and think about psychiatry mmg lah panjang lg. but, that's a wrap up for the rotation. Lepas nih x der dah unless if i choose to do psychiatry in the future.

Excited nak pergi wat O&G plak nnti...owh my..siryesly teringin nak tgk childbirth~~.harap2 dpt tgk labour nnti time wat must be miracle!!!!



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anxiety said...

That is an interesting story. Anyway, most patients there are undergoing anxiety attacks. I am glad that you are still persistent with your interest in psychiatry.